SPOKANE, Wash. -- A man suspected of murdering a Spokane woman admitted to killing someone before leaving town, according to court documents.

Tony Callihan disappeared Friday after a woman he was reportedly dating, Michelle Koenen, was found dead in her West Central Spokane home.

In newly released documents, Callihan s stepdad first questioned Tony when he saw him driving Koenen s Dodge Stratus, because Tony had a suspended license.Callihan reportedly responded, Don t worry about that. That s the least of my worries. His stepdadsaid Callihan then borrowed some money and took off in the car.

His stepdad told police Callihan appeared bothered and upset when he saw him again the next day.Callihan then admitted he just killed a girl, police say. He reportedly explained shoving and choking her at a meth party the night before, and leaving her at a house in the 2300 block of West Broadway.

Callihan's stepdadtold police he dropped off Callihan to that house several times before, and believed he was dating the woman living there.

His stepdadcalled 911 after the discussion. Police found Koenen dead in the home shortly after, with signs of trauma on her face.

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