PORTLAND -- A single mother with two young children is working to recover from a devastating burglary on Thanksgiving. A thief broke into her food cart on Southeast Belmont Street in the middle of the night.

I had a lot of cash that night because many people bought pies on Thanksgiving, said Mary Sheridan who says she usually never leaves cash inside her business, but did on the holiday.

To work so hard and get great sales and then to come back and find it was all stolen was pretty devastating, she said.

She put that heartbreak into words and posted a letter to the thief outside her food cart explaining how the money was for rent and her kids' Christmas.

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Then, something heartwarming happened.

Friends and other food cart owners posted her note on their social media sites. Mary's story sweetened in a hurry.

You keep the change darling, said a woman who handed her $50 for a slice of apple pie on Sunday morning. The dough she lost has started to roll into her small business.

One of my friends posted it on Facebook that she's a single mom with two kids and all the money she made from Thanksgiving is gone. We wanted to help, said Lisa Tamura who is buying pie at the Honey Pot for the first time.

Honey Pot Bakery's Facebook page

Sheridan hasn't recovered her losses yet. However, when she does she plans to use the extra cash to help someone else in need this holiday season.

I just can't thank everybody enough, said Sheridan.

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