SPOKANE -- According to court document, a patient at Eastern State Hospital told a guard she murdered another patient, and then played a game of hot and cold with him to find the body.

30-year-old Amber Roberts made her first court appearance on murder charges Wednesday. A judge set her bond at $1 million dollars.

An Eastern State Hospital worker told detectives he was making rounds at 2:45 a.m. Tuesday when he was approached by Roberts. He said she was walking around the ward, pacing the hallways.

The worker said Robert told him I murdered someone, but you re going to have to find him. The guard then started searching the floor, followed by Roberts.

As the guard approached the victim s room, he said Roberts told him You re getting warmer. When he found the right room, Roberts said You re hot.

The worker found a body lying on the floor covered in a blanket. He said Roberts walked over to the body and removed the blanket, revealing the bloodied victim identified as 56-year-old Duane E. Charley.

The victim s roommate told detectives he woke up around midnight and saw Roberts climbing on top of the victim, who was in bed at the time. The roommate said Roberts removed a belt from her waistline and began strangling Charley.

The witness said he initially thought Roberts and Charley were having sex, but then realized it was much different when Amber pulled the victim to the floor and began slamming his face into the floor.

The victim s roommate said Amber walked up to him ad said Don t say anything or you ll be next. The roommate said he pretended to be asleep.

One of Amber s co-residents told detectives Amber had become agitated and said she was going to kill someone. The woman said she thought she had calmed Roberts down, so did she did not tell anyone. Later that morning, she said Roberts woke her up and said I did it, I did it, I did it.

The guard said when he found the body, he removed Amber and placed her in an isolation cell; and then he called for assistance. The guard said Robert told him she strangled the victim with an electrical chord.

According to court documents, Roberts had been a patient at the hospital for nine years. She does not have family in Spokane.

The case was forwarded to Superior Court Wednesday.

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