Tacoma's fire department union on Saturday made a last ditch effort to save jobs.

Ryan Mudie of Fire Station 13 was out Saturday, going door to door about what he considers an issue of public safety.

It could create significant injury or property damage, he said.

The Tacoma Firefighters Union president says the historic station at the corner of North 25th and Proctor faces a budget wrecking ball.

The proposed reduction is going to be a two-person pickup truck versus a three person fire engine, the difference is there won't be water capabilities, no fire pump, said Mudie.

It's just part of the cutbacks identified as possibilities for the Tacoma Fire Department as the state's third largest city grapples with closing a $63 million budget gap.

Station 6 on the tide flats could get whacked too, leaving the industrial area without a neighborhood engine.

The nearby fire boat could also be relocated or mothballed.

The Tacoma City Manager and city council are not expected to make any final decision until next month. Until then, 17 firefighters will remain in limbo.

Mudie says they will get pink slips next week , warning them of their potential dismissal.

Firefighters are expected to make another public appeal to the city council on Tuesday

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