The mystery of the West Seattle hum may have been solved -- and it's still not fish.

Though I didn't hear the sound myself last night (but did hear it on Tuesday), the West SeattleBlog and readers have devoted some serious detective work to this issue.

Wednesday, WSB posted the hum may be coming from a cargo ship called the Silver Lake anchored in the Duwamish River north of theMichigan Street Bridge.

They recorded the sound on West Marginal Way after midnight, spying the Silver Lake in the background. reader Stan used a recent recording to plot the frequency of the sound, determined to be around 200 Hertz. You can view his work by clicking here.

But it's also been heard even further away. Here's a comment from one woman who read our story yesterday:

I live near the Admiral District not too far from Alki and I've heard the hum for several years on many nights.

Pete, a resident of Seward Park, said he's heard something similar, and I even received an email from a reader who lives on Tiger Mountain who described a noise like an industrial fan (now we may need to discover the source of the Issaquah hum ).

Though there is some relief from getting closer to pinpointing a source, there continue to be loads of people upset that this sound is waking them up in the middle of the night. I live two miles from the Silver Lake's current spot and that sound still filled every corner of my house like it was right outside.

The City of Seattle's Noise Abatement staff continues to ask anyone who's heard the sound to contact them.

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