SPOKANE-- Dozens of Rogers High School students are suspended for at least one week for watching a fight.

The fight happened off campus and after school hours in Rochester Park. School officials said more than 30 kids watched it or shot it on their cell phones. As punishment, 32 students received 5 to ten days suspension. The school district said administrators used cell phone video to identify the students involved.

One student's mother admitted her son was one of the kids watching the fight. She said while he made a bad decision, she does not understand why the school district can reprimand her son when the fight happened off-campus.

That would be like kids sitting at the fair texting that something else is going on and they all meet somewhere, said the mother who did not want to be identified. I mean, what's the difference?

While we've reduced drastically the number of fights at Rogers, what has happened is some of them have gone off campus and that's not fair to the neighborhoods, said Terren Roloff from Spokane Public Schools. The only way to stop fighting is to discipline those involved. These kids had every opportunity to stop the fight. If they wouldn't have attended the fight, it wouldn't have occurred.

The school district said it does not believe police will be charging any of the students.

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