PORTLAND Two suspects were still on the loose, and one under arrest, after a brazen theft of several new iPhones from the Bridgeport Village Apple store.

Tualatin police said just before noon on Friday, three suspects took six iPhone 5s, valued at $3,884 and ran from the store.

While making their getaway, one pushed a 7-year-old boy to the ground, causing minor injuries, police said.

One witness who wanted to remain anonymous told KGW that the three started grabbing the phones and ran for the door so fast a security guard did not even have time to react.

That witness said Apple employees did a good job in calming things down and getting quick help to the boy who was pushed down.

Tualatin Police soon found and arrested 19-year-old Juvare Nash for theft.

The other two suspects were identified as Shaquille McCulla and Trevon Reid, both 19 years old.

A third person, described as a light-skinned African-American female in her late teens, possibly acted as a getaway driver, police said. Anyone with information was asked to call Tualatin police at 503-691-0285.

KGW Reporter Jaqueline Sit contributed to this report

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