NAMPA -- A 10-year-old Nampa girl is being credited for saving her father's life, after he fell into an industrial clay mixer.

I heard my dad screaming my name in a high-pitched voice, said Emma Knight.

Emma Knight remembers that Friday night in March like it was yesterday. The calls for help from her father.

Very high-pitched, loud and squeaky. So I came dashing downstairs, said Emma.

Her dad, Gordon Knight, had been working in his garage using an industrial clay mixer. It is a large machine that folds and crushes clay.

I just must have had a lapse in judgment. The very last piece I reached in without turning it off and it grabbed my fingers and started to pull me. And instantly I knew I was stuck so I started screaming her name, 'Emma, Emma,' said Gordon.

I went out to the garage and I said in a shaky voice, 'Where are you daddy? And he said right here.' And I saw his hand kind of, like his fingers creep out of the mixer, said Emma.

I was just kind of folded up in half and all my appendages were wound up and broken, said Gordon Knight.

Gordon says the industrial clay mixer snapped his arm and leg. He was bleeding badly. The image is difficult for Emma to forget.

I freaked out and started bawling. And he said, 'Call 911.' So I ran inside, said Emma.

Emma used her cell phone to call 911. Her parents had the emergency number saved in her contact list. Thankfully she knew just what to do.

I'm like, 'My dad's stuck in the mixer.' And she said, 'Stay calm, I'm going to send an ambulance,' said Emma.

Emma also ran across the street to the neighbor's for more help. Gordon nearly lost his arm and could have lost his life if it weren't for his daughter.

Do you consider yourself a hero? asked NewsChannel 7.

Yeah, I guess, Emma said.

Had she not been there I m not sure what would have happened. I've never been so proud. She truly is my hero, said Gordon.

Gordon says it took firefighters and EMTs 75 minutes to free him from the mixer. The accident destroyed the muscle tissue in his arm and badly damaged the arteries. But three surgeries later, he is expected to make a full recovery.

A fundraiser for Gordon's medical expenses is being held April 28 at the Nampa Farmers' Market, a place where he often sold his pottery pieces.

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