HOOD RIVER COUNTY, Ore. - A helicopter crew on Tuesday afternoon spotted a person they said matched the description of a Portland woman missing for the past three nights in the Mount Hood wilderness.

Pamela Salant, 28, was reported missing Sunday by her boyfriend Aric Essig after they had separated while searching for a campsite near Bear Lake the day before.

I'm pretty sure we found her, Hood River County Sheriff Joe Wampler said Tuesday afternoon.

Around 2 p.m., Tuesday helicopter crews spotted a woman wading in Lindsey Creek about a mile from Bear Lake, waving at searchers.

Wampler said the woman seemed to be indicating she may have been injured. Rescuers said she would need to be airlifted out of the rough terrain.

Oregon Air NationalGuard crews were put on alert for the airlift mission.

Essig said the two dropped their gear at a campsite Saturday afternoon and got separated at the lake in search of a better overnight spot.

I oscillate between complete worry and fear, and then hope, a distraught Essig said earlier Tuesday.

Deputies, Crag Rats, Search I K-9, US Forest Service rangers and National Guard troops have all been involved in the search.

Salant's employer, Desirae Marks said Essig told her in a phone conversation Monday that the two pitched camp then had a conversation that disgruntled Salant. The two decided to walk in opposite directions around Bear Lake figuring they would meet up on the other side after having a little time to cool off.

Deputies said Salant had no supplies or a phone with her.

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