SPOKANE-- Baristas in bikinis at a North Spokane coffee shop raked in profits all summer thanks to the warm weather. But that s about to change for Big Shots Espresso.

Friday and Saturday are probably the last of the 80 s the Inland Northwest is going to see for a while. The bikini baristas say the way they dress brings in business, so they plan to wear their sexy costumes even when it snows.

The buzz around the clothing controversy at Big Shots Espresso makes the customers multiply.

Chelsea Nelson says she s ready for cooler temperatures. She says when she arrived at work Friday morning it was 40 degrees outside and she felt just fine in what she was wearing. Nelson says the only thing that the weather will change is the girls won t advertise the business on the corner, dressed scantily clad, which is what offends most people.

Susan Honeycutt is one of the upset drivers. She says when the girls start wearing underwear outside like their bras, panties, and stockings it crosses over from costume. Honeycutt works down the street from the coffee stand. She's glad the cold weather will force Big Shots employees back inside.

But loyal customers back the girls. Cody Clary is one of them. He says it s not forothers to decide how they run a business. The owner says if she couldn t run the coffee shop this way, she wouldn t own one.

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