PORTLAND -- The magnificent blue motor yacht docked at Riverplace is the 209-foot Turmoil which was built for Gary Comer, the late founder of the Land's End catalog clothes empire.

In 2007, the Turmoil was the 17th largest motor yacht in the United States and the 87th in the world.

A championship yacht racer, Comer died just months after the vessel was finished in 2006. The Turmoil was built by the Royal Denship company in Denmark.

Late in his life, Comer became concerned about global warming. The craft is equipped to be a research vessel as well as a pleasure craft. The steel hull configuration meets standards for traveling through icy waters. Comer also wanted a safe vessel for his family.

Link: Tour of interior

Comer used the name Turmoil for all his pleasure craft. In an article for Boat International Magazine, (link above) writer Louisa Beckett said Comer was fascinated by the story of a U.S. freighter supposedly carrying a load of secret zirconium parts for the then-new atomic powered submarine U.S.S. Nautilus.

The freighter took on a 60-degree list during an Atlantic storm and was valiantly towed back toward England by a British Navy tug called Turmoil. The freighter sank just 40 miles from shore.

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