OREGON CITY -- An itinerant man who gained a measure of fame last month in an odd child custody case has been arrested for outstanding warrants out of Minnesota.

Kilunnun A Chivoski, 36, reported to police last Aug. 11 that a woman he had met panhandling in the Willamette Valley had vanished with his daughter when a traveling caravan split up without his knowledge.

The man told police he and his three children had been made homeless by Hurricane Katrina and he was traveling across the country looking for steady work. He was hoping to find work in Washington state at a horse farm where he had worked before.

The media jumped on the story. The girl was quickly found in Hood River. The woman who drove her away, presumably headed for Eastern Oregon, was arrested on an accusation of custodial interference.

On Tuesday, Clackamas County Sheriff's deputies arrested the father Chivoski, according to spokesman Det. Jim Strovink. Investigators had not let go of the case, Strovink said, and learned Chivoski was wanted in Minnesota for forgery and perjury.

He was taken into custody 12:31 a.m. without incident at 8661 SE Jannsen Road.

The girl and two siblings who had led a nomadic life with their father have been in state custody, Strovink said. The children are reportedly living comfortably with foster families and embracing school, he said.

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