PORTLAND, Ore. -- Hoping a tip that breaks the case was just around the corner, the reward for information that leads to missing Portland boy 7-year-old Kyron Horman was doubled by an anonymous donor Tuesday to $50,000, up from $25,000.

Many workable leads from tips in the case of missing boy were being looked into along with intermittent searches, investigators said on Tuesday. Kyron's family said they remained steadfast and confident the work of law enforcement would lead to the boy and bring to justice anyone involved with his disappearance.

In a 2 p.m. news conference Tuesday, Multnomah County Chief Deputy Tim Moore and Captain Monte Reiser appeared with Kyron's mother Desiree Young, father Kaine and step-father Tony Young to make statements and answer questions sent in last week by reporters.

Investigators said they had received around 3,500 tips since the boy disappeared from Skyline Elementary on June 4, in the largest search effort in Oregon's history.

We love you Kyron, never give up hope, a choked up Desiree Young said at the end of the conference. We are all coming to get you to bring you home.

No suspects or persons of interest have been named in the case, but deputies said Kyron's stepmother TerriHorman has at times not cooperated. She was the last person to report seeing Kyron after dropping him off. Detectives had not interviewed her since she retained high profile criminal defense attorney Stephen Houze in July.

In court documents, the boy's father Kaine Horman stated police had provided him with probable cause to believe that Terri was involved in Kyron's disappearance, plotted to have Kaine killed, and was having a sexual affair.

Moore said they believes Kyron's disappearance involved criminal behavior and that they were not aware of any similar case in the Northwest.

Last week, police searched the homes of three friends of Terri's to look for evidence. One of those friends was identified by Kyron's parents as DeDe Spicher. Reliable sources said police think Spicher has information about Terri's whereabouts on the day Kyron disappeared.

A statement from Kaine and Kyron's mother Desiree Young also said Spicher is not cooperating with the investigation, but Spicher's attorney Chad Stavley told NBC Dateline that's untrue. He said Spicher had been, and planned to keep, cooperating with investigators and added it's a matter of time before police arrest Terri Horman.

I would be frankly surprised if Terri Horman did not eventually face charges in this case. I would just be very surprised if an indictment didn't come down, said Stavley.

Sources told KGW that police searched Spicher's home last week. Spicher has known Terri and Kaine for about seven years. Last week, Kyron's parents, Kaine Horman and Desiree Young issued a public plea for Spicher to cooperate with police, threatening a possible civil suit if she refused.

Kyron's father, Kaine Horman, is also demanding to know how Terri was able to come up $350,000 for legal fees.

He says if Terri took out a loan against their marital property or a loan he is partially responsible for paying back, he wants half the money to pay his legal fees. Earlier this month Kaine had Terri evicted from the family's NW Portland home and he returned to the home with Kiara.

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