PORTLAND, Ore. -- A judge has forbidden the stepmother of a missing 7-year-old Portland boy to have access to her children or firearms.

Court officials say the restraining order against Terri Moulton Horman was granted Monday afternoon by Multnomah County Circuit Judge Keith Meisenheimer. The judge released part of the court file Tuesday.

Horman's stepson, Kyron, vanished June 4, leading to one of the most extensive searches in Oregon history.

Investigators say she's the last person known to have seen the child.

Kyron's father, Kaine Horman, filed for divorce from Terri Horman on Monday and sought the restraining order.

Terri and Kaine Horman have a 19-month-old daughter, and Terri Horman has a teenage son from a previous marriage.

A source close to the investigation told KGWMonday night that Kaine Horman had moved out of the home with his 18-month-old child.

Family members released a statement Monday saying they were in support of the investigation. The statement was signed by Kyron's father, stepfather and mother, but not Terrie Moulton-Horman.

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Kyron Horman's photo was on the cover of 'People' for the second week in a row and the story that goes with it focuses on the attention that has been placed on his step-mother Terri Moulton-Horman.

Since Kyron vanished three weeks ago, she has been singled out in a questionnaire sent to parents and staff of Skyline school. A lifelong friend described Terrie Moulton-Horman's unhappiness with a second polygraph test.

Horman's father, stepfather and mother released a statement Monday saying they were in support of the investigation. Read the statement

Terrie Moulton-Horman said she was not aware a statement was coming out. A source close to the investigation however, said her husband Kaine and their 18-month-old child had moved out.

Moulton's father, Larry Moulton, 72, told 'People' matter-of-factly that the finger points at stepmom, she's trying to be cooperative.

He too said she has had two polygraphs, that police have taken her truck twice and questioned her several times, for up to six hours, several times. He also described his daughter as really good with kids and pointed to a Halloween outing to pumpkin patches with the family in costume.

Parents grant TVinterview

The People magazine cover story comes right after Kyron's mother and father sat down with KGW and answered some of the most commonly-asked questions, including why investigators had focused on Sauvie Island. However, Kyron's parents would not answer questions about Terri Moulton being given lie detetor tests, and they said she would not be speaking to the media.

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Questionnaire singles out Terri Moulton

Police scoured scores of questionnaires turned in by parents of Skyline Elementary School children, staff members and even delivery drivers for new clues last week as they tried to untangle the mystery of Kyron's disappearance.

The questionairescontained several questions that were intended to help trigger people's memories about the day that the seven-year-old disappeared.

TIP LINE: (503) 261-2847

Photos: Kyron Horman

Download: Print/Share POSTER of Kyron

Among the questions were: Did your child see Kyron's step-mom, Terri on 6/4/10, at or near the school? and Did your child see a white Ford F250 pickup truck on 6/4/10 at or near the school? Terri Horman, Kyron's step-mother, was driving the white truck on the day he disappeared. The questionnaire also showed photos of Terri and the truck.

Capt. Jason Gates said during a press conference that the photos and questions were an effort to jog people's memory in the case, since Terri was the last person who spent time with Kyron.

Gates added that the family was in full support of the decision to circulate the new questionnaire Friday. He read a family statement that said, Any parent would understand the grief that this causes our family... please know that we fully support the release of this flier and we want Kyron home and we hope that this will do that.

Timeline: Search for Kyron Horman

KGW has learned that police over the weekend also asked Terri to take a second lie detector tests as part of the investigation.

A close friend of Terri's told KGW she is a wonderful mother who's known Kyron since he was three days old. She said the extra scrutiny has taken an emotional toll on her.

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Gates refused to comment about any possible suspects or persons of interest in the case.

More: Read/print out questionnaire

The other questions on the form were more generic in nature, including Did your child see Kyron on 6/4/10? and Where did your child see Kyron?

Case gets national attention

The biological mother of missing seven-year-old Kyron Horman reached out with an emotional letter to her son, hoping and praying that he would return home and read it soon.Desiree Young shared the letter with NBC's 'Today Show' as part of their ongoing coverage of the missing boy case.

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Last week's issue of 'People' shows a photo of Kyron on the cover and features an article about his case. In addition, 30 billboards were going up across Oregon with Kyron's photo and tipline. Police were hoping the extra attention will bring even more tips and clues for them to follow up on.

A Portland woman wants Kyron's case to spark changes across the nation as well. Emmelie Caterham was circulating a petition to get security cameras installed in all schools.

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Police recently created and circulated photos of Kyron without his glasses. The hope was that it would help people see what Kyron would look like if he was no longer wearing them. They also previously shared photos of Kyron's glasses and replicas of the clothing he was wearing when he disappeared.

Photos: Kyron without glasses / Kyron's glasses / Kyron's outfit

While strangers continued to try and reach out in any way possible, police warned that scammers were targeting some people by asking for donations to a bogus support fund. Anyone approached in person or over the phone for donations should first check with police to determine if they're legitimate.

Meantime, investigators had intensified their search in the area of Sauvie Island. From KGW's Sky 8 helicopter, searchers in wetsuits were seen moving through waist-high water while someone on shore provided directions. A dive team searched swamps and ponds around the rural NW Portland area, and crews also searched around the Multnomah Channel. Investigators would not say what led them to this area, but it was the fourth consecutive days that crews scoured Sauvie Island.

Sky 8 video: Divers at Sauvie Island

This will not become a cold case for us, Capt. Jason Gates promised during Monday morning's press conference.

$25,000 reward offered

An emotional Sheriff Dan Staton announced a $25,000 reward for any information that leads to the location of Kyron.

Investigators also asked anyone with photos or videos created on June 3 or June 4 of roads around Skyline school to provide them to police. Video of specific locations was being sought.

More: Police want photos & videos

Family talks about Kyron

Kyron's parents and step-parents answered personal questions about him via Multnomah County Sheriff's Capt. Mike Shults during a previous media briefing and also explained some of their outings - to stores and a health club.

Shults said that the family was extremely stressed out, but understood that the public might have wanted to learn more about Kyron. To that end, they answered a set of prepared questions and described the boy's bubbly personality.

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The morning he disappeared, Kyron was in good spirits, excited about the tree frog diorama he had created for the science fair, Shults said.

Family reached out to Kyron

On June 11, the family appeared for the first since since Kyron disappeared one week earlier, and made an emotional plea for help.

Please help us bring Kyron home, Kaine Horman, the boy's father said.

The community as a whole have shown how much impact one little boy s smile can have on a community, said Kyron s step-father, Tony Young. Then, he spoke directly to Kyron: You mean everything to us and until you come home, this family is not complete. We believe in you and know you will be back with us soon.

VIDEO: Watch family statement

After Young spoke, the two men embraced while their wives comforted each other in the background.

Kyron's outfit on display

Just one hour earlier, police revealed a replica of the clothing Kyron Horman was wearing when he disappeared. Police hoped that this new information would help create more leads to assist them in their effort to locate the missing boy.

Police said Horman was wearing a black CSI T-shirt, dark cargo-style pants, Hanes athletic socks and well-worn Skechers sneakers.

Kyron missing since June 4

Kyron and his step-mother, Terri Moulton Horman, arrived at Skyline Elementary School around 8 a.m. Friday and attended a science fair at the school. Around 8:45 a.m. Terri said goodbye to Kyron and watched the second-grader walk down the hallway toward his classroom. Police say that the last time the boy was seen was about 9 a.m. Investigators have not revealed who saw Kyron last, or whether he attended his first class.

Timeline: Search for Kyron Horman

At 3:45 p.m., when the school bus arrived at Kyron's stop without him on board, his step-mom called the school. She was told he was marked absent by his teacher. She called 9-1-1 just before 4 p.m. and the search effort was launched.

Portland schools sent an automated message to parents in the school district that the boy was missing. Meanwhile, police walked the school grounds with K-9 tracking teams, searched every room and closet inside the school and even checked the roof.

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Parent Gina Zimmerman said she last saw Kyron in the morning, when he posed in a classroom in front of his red-eyed tree frog science project. She said her daughter is one of Kyron s best friends and she knew him well.

Zimmerman said that Kyron was not the type of child to wander off. He knows 'stranger danger, she said. He's a really good kid.

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Anyone who has seen Kyron or knows of his whereabouts was asked to call (503) 261-2847.

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