PORTLAND, Ore. -- As part of the search effort for 7-year-old KyronHorman, the FBI flew in a profiler from their headquarters in Quantico, Virginia.

The special agent will look at everything from Kyron's school work to his friendsto try and determine where the little boy might be.

Dozens of investigators are on the sceneand there are more on the way. A specially trained card team, or Child Abduction Rapid Deployment team, was dispatched Friday.

That is a standard proceedure in a missing child case, FBI spokesperson Beth Anne Steele said. It is very common for us to respond anytime there is a child who is seven years old to disappear and to deploy that team.

Investigators will examine what he is like, what did he like, what did he not like, trying to answer the questions would he have left on his own, was he adventuresome or more shy?

While the FBI is typically known for bank robberies and white collar crimes, the agency has unqiue experience in missing children cases.

In 2002, federal agents helped investigate the disappearance of Oregon City girls Miranda Gaddis and Ashley Pond.NeighborWard Weaver was later convicted for their deaths.

Some of the same agents working that case are now helping search in Northwest Portland, hoping the experience will help. But most said they realized it would take an army of state and local investigators to bring Kyron home.

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