BOISE -- A new phishing scam is hitting the Treasure Valley and now the Better Business Bureau is warning people before they fall victim.

The scam comes in the form of a text message saying, BOTC Alert: Your card starting with 4266 has been deactivated. Please contact us at (208) 473-2643 to reactivate your card.

The thing that was interesting for me is that it was a 208 number, an Idaho number, saidWilfred Barrow from Meridian.

Barrow and his wife got the message at the same time Friday evening.

Then my wife came in the room and said she got the same text message. And she was a little more concerned about it, said Barrow.

Technology makes it so easy for the scam artist to set up what looks like a local number, said Dale Dixon, President of Idaho Better Business Bureau, serving Southeast Idaho and Eastern Oregon. It's important for folks to realize the Bank of the Cascades, or any bank, is not going to send a text message saying 'your account has been closed or deactivated and that you need to call in to reactivate it'.

Dixon says if you got the message just delete it.

But if you got the message and you entered your information, call your bank right away.

You may remember in January of last year a similar scam happened.

Scammers used a bogus text message saying unusual activity has happened on your Bank of the Cascades account.

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