The iconic Scarecrow Video store in Seattle's University District is the largest publicly accessible collection of film in the world.

It houses 120,000 movie titles but the store has barely made any money in the last few years.

At times, it has operated at a deficit. In order to keep the store from shutting down, employees have organized to turn the Scarecrow into a non-profit.

It allows us to accept donations. It allows us to set up memberships which can be tax-deductible. It allows us to go after grant money, said Scarecrow Outreach Coordinator Kate Barr.

The Scarecrow Project is already a non-profit registered with the state, and they're accepting donations.

The next step is gaining tax exempt status.

When Mark Steiner started working at Scarecrow Video in 1992 with just 2,000 videos. It's grown to Seattle landmark.

These are things you'll never find anywhere else, not on the internet, not on Netflix, not on Redbox, just at Scarecrow Video, he said.

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