OLYMPIA, Wash. As state Commissioner of Public Lands, Peter Goldmark is chief of the state s largest fire department.

Goldmark, who is also a former firefighter, called the last week of wildfires in Washington an unprecedented amount of tragedy.

He s been to the fire scenes twice over the last week.

Tuesday he monitored the fires from the Department of Natural Resources Emergency Operations Center in Olympia.

I come in here multiple times a day during active fire season, said Goldmark.

Dispatchers and DNR managers use weather and satellite maps to monitor lightning strikes and fire conditions across the state.

Tess Mallo works as a dispatcher in Alaska, but earlier this month she was sent to Washington.

We re needed here to be able to get people out, resources out, aircraft, equipment, whatever it may be, said Mallo.

While she s nowhere near the fire lines, Mallo said it hurts to see all the destruction caused by the fires. It also motivates her.

That s why we re here, said Mallo.

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