YAKIMA, Wash. It was almost a second-hand shopper s dream come true.

Sorting through a box of random stuff donated for a yard sale fundraiser for Community Living on Friday, Danielle Pridgen found $5,000.

The crisp stacks of $100 bills were tucked inside a short section of metal pipe capped on both ends.

Community Living is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with developmental disabilities be active in the community,

Pridgen, who works for Community Living, immediately told co-workers about the discovery.

Believing that someone had accidentally donated more than intended, the Community Living staff traced the box back to its owners.

It turned out that the things were left over from an estate sale at the home of an elderly woman with dementia. They contacted her very grateful guardian, who came to pick up the money, said Community Living administrator Randy Hauck.

Hauck said he s proud of how Pridgen handled the situation.

To me, what s incredible about this is that our staff don t make much more than minimum wage, they struggle day in and day out and they work hard, so it really shows the character of the people working here, Hauck said.

Story courtesy of Yakima Herald-Republic

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