AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. -- A group of pilots who knew one of the three crewmen who was killed in the crash of a KC-135 in May 2013 have been working to remember his passion for flight.

Members of the Experimental Aircraft Association took on the challenge of finishing a plane Captain Mark Voss would never be able to complete.

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He would leave work at three, four in the afternoon, go home, change and be at the hanger until midnight, one in the morning every day, said friend, Matthew Perroux.

Cpt. Voss started working on the plane just weeks before he was deployed and headed to Manas Transit Center in Krygstan. The KC-135 crash would keep him from finishing what he started. Members of the EAA decided they would get the job done.

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It s certainly a good tribute to Tyler and that is the way we have all viewed it, said EAA Local Chapter President, Jack Hohner.

His friend, Matthew, took the lead on the plane. He has spent hours of his free time trying to get the plane to the finished product Cpt. Voss wanted. The plane is almost done and in the months since Cpt. Voss passed, it has helped the group honor him and his passion for flying.

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They hope to start test flying it soon and present it at Fairchild during the memorial marking the anniversary of the crash.

The goal is to get the plane back to Texas where Cpt. Voss family lives so they can keep it and fly the plane themselves.

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