FRUITLAND -- Additional resources were brought into Fruitland High School Monday as news circulated that a standout athlete was killed over the weekend in a car crash.

Every opportunity was available for students to talk to counselors as they work through this tragic accident.

It touches all of us because we not only think of the family, which my heart goes out to them, but it also makes me think of my family, said Lt. Mark Duncan with Oregon State Police.

Police and others are shaken by this crash that took the life of 17-year-old football and baseball athlete Ryan Rule.

The crash happened early Sunday morning.

Rule and his passenger Robyn King were traveling on Interstate 84 near Ontario when his truck sideswiped a car. They rolled several times across the interstate.

Ryan was ejected and died. King was not ejected and survived.

Trooper Mark Duncan says speed was a factor for sure. But more questions as to what happened still linger.

We are doing a full crash reconstruction and we will hopefully be able to provide some of those details real soon, said Duncan.

At Fruitland High School, students and staff grieved the loss of this amazing high school athlete.

Superintendent Teresa Fabricus says every resource needed to help is here.

And I do feel like the school setting is a very good place for people to be in difficult times, because and I know, I keep saying students and staff, but we are all part of our family here, and I think that being surrounded by and supported by people that care about you is really, really important, said Fabricus.

Fabricus says additional counselors from surrounding school districts are on campus lending their assistance, providing anything the students need to heal.

And that is a big part of us being able to help our staff and students, is the support that we get from outside our school district, said Fabricus.

But everyone in the community is impacted.

We are talking about how it made them give their kid an extra hug today, or just you know be safe out there, said Duncan.

Counselors will remain on campus for students needing to talk.

Duncan say Rule was not wearing a seatbelt and neither was his passenger Robyn King.

Police say the cab of his truck was still intact after the crash, which leads them to believe a seatbelt could have saved his life.

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