GARDEN CITY, Idaho - Authorities killed an adult female mountain lion Thursday evening, using hounds to track the animal before shooting it near State and Glenwood streets.

According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, a homeowner called GardenCity Police to report the animal had been hiding underneath his porch.

The man apparently scared the big cat when he came outside of his home, and says it ran from the area shortly after 4 p.m.

Fish and Game spokesman EvinOneale says wildlife officers, police, and a houndsman responded to the neighborhood and began to track the animal.

Authorities eventually found the female lion near the neighborhood about a half-hour later. That's when a kill order was given by Fish and Game employees.

Oneale says the police had hoped to tree the animal and possibly tranquilize it. However, since the animal began to move toward homes, authorities decided it was too much of a risk to continue pursuing the animal, and shot it.

The animal isn't believed to be the same cat that attacked a mountain biker and his dogs in the Boise foothills two weeks ago.

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