BOISE -- Thanksgiving is a day where we take time to remember what we're grateful for.

This holiday, we found a family from Nyssa, Oregon doing just that.

They decided to help others sharing their blessings in a place that may surprise you -- St. Luke's Hospital.

As people came and went from the hospital, one family stood with a bucket of chalk asking people to write on the sidewalk what they were most thankful for.

Debby Wedo said, We're thankful for our new grandson who was born this morning.

It was emotional for many, like the Wedo family, grateful for their newest family member.

Nice little thing for people to see you need to always remember the day and what you are thankful for there's a lot more to be thankful for than what you're upset about, said Wedo.

That was the purpose of the idea that Sharla Richards decided to start.

We're spending the day at the hospital, probably not the place we want to spend the day but we figured if we were here we're still grateful for a lot of things, said Richards.

The thing Sharla is most grateful for today, is the girl standing next to her, with her IV cart at her side -- her daughter, Madison.

She's 16 and she's battling cancer, we've been battling for quite a few months now, said Richards.

Madison is halfway through her fight with a rare form of cancer, and just had a successful surgery to remove the large tumor.

I'm doing pretty good, right now at least, sad Madison Richards.

She was able to take a break from her hospital room on Thursday to watch others take time to appreciate what they have.

It's really cool to see what they write and what they're grateful for, things that you don't always think about, said Madison.

One teenager, who didn't know Madison, stopped to write perhaps the most powerful message -- he wrote You with an arrow pointing to Madison.

It was a reminder to all families going through the unthinkable, that they're not alone, and there's always something or someone to be thankful for.

Just don't take those things for granted that you have every day and enjoy every moment you have with family, said Richards.

Richards said she got the idea online and decided to buy some chalk.

She says they weren't planning on staying outside so long, but they were so amazed by the response, they decided to keep the Thanksgiving list going for as long as they could.

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