TWIN FALLS -- After checking with multiple government agencies about a possible earthquake in the Twin Falls area on Monday night, all are at a loss for words and told KTVB they don't have any information or evidence of a quake.

KTVB received multiple email tips, calls, and Facebook posts concerning an earthquake-type movement they felt at around 8:30 p.m. Viewers from Twin Falls, all the way through Filer and Buhl told KTVB they felt something rumble.

Twin Falls County Emergency Services Director Jackie Frey told KTVB that she never received any reports yesterday about possible movement in or around her county. But she mentioned that she was home at that specific time and felt a rumble in her own house, a rumble that shook her china cupboard.

We don't know what it was, said Frey. We definitely felt something.

After checking with United States Geological Survey and Idaho's Bureau of Homeland Security, all said no reports were made and nothing was shown on their end.

Warning Coordination Meteorologist Jay Breidenbach, from the National Weather Service office in Boise told KTVB that the closest movement to Twin Falls County was a small earthquake in Yellowstone National Park.

Breidenbach said the quake was a magnitude 2.8 and would not have been felt in Twin Falls or any of the outskirts. He also said he never received any earthquake reports for Idaho and that for now, he'll refer to it as unexplained movement.

Mountain Home AirForce Base also told KTVB they did not have any activity or training at Saylor Creek Range on September 23rd.

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