SPOKANE, Wash.--One of the teenagers accused of beating a World War II veteran to death in Spokane might now be a victim too according to a source close to the investigation.

PHOTOS: Facebook threats left for the suspect

On Wednesday, the source released copies of threats sent to 16-year-old Kenan Adams-Kinard. The teenage murder suspect received numerous threats from all over the country since police arrested him. The source said those threats were also forwarded to Spokane Police Department investigators.

Many of the messages sent online to Kenan Adams-Kinard are similar. The source said most of the statements included phrases like, real soon you will die. The majority of threats came from people in the Inland Northwest according to sources. One threat stated:

It s a good thing Washington State allows the use of Hanging as a form of capital punishment, because the only thing that should ever be on your now is a pirce of rope around your neck. -Warm Regards, Riverside (IL) Police Department.

Leaders with the Riverside Police Department said the writer is familiar to them. Yet, they stated that the writer is not affiliated with their police department. RPD leaders added that they had nothing to do with this form of intimidation.

Major crimes detectives with the SPD are investigating the threats and messages sent to Adams-Kinard. Detectives said it is highly unusual for a murder suspect to receive so many threats, but they realize the case hit a nerve.

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Detectives stated that follow-ups are being done on the threats that have been reported to determine credibility. It is a felony to make death threats against someone if prosecutors determine there is means to opportunity to carry it out.

Adams-Kinard and Demetrius Glenn, 16, are both charged with Delbert Belton s death.

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Belton was found beaten in a North Spokane parking lot August 21. Belton, 88, died the next morning. Investigators think Belton was killed during a robbery attempt. It was revealed in court that Adams-Kinard claimed he had met Belton to buy drugs.

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