VANCOUVER Police were searching for a burglar who broke into a Vancouver home while three children were inside Tuesday morning.

Three children, ages 15, 13 and 11, were at home in the 13300 block of Northeast 31st Street in Vancouver around 10 a.m. Tuesday when a man they didn t know rang the door bell, according to Kim Kapp, a spokeswoman for the Vancouver Police Department.

When the children didn t answer the door, the man left then returned several minutes later, ringing the bell and turning the door knob. The children fled to a back room in the house and called their father and 911.

The man then reportedly used his body to force the locked door open, damaging the door and its frame. Police believe the man entered the residence but left before police arrived.

The children did not come in contact with the suspect, but one of the children was able to take a cell-phone picture of him after he left the house.

The suspect was described as a tall, heavy white man in his mid-30s with short brown hair and a goatee and mustache. He was wearing a light-colored plaid shirt and sunglasses perched on his head.

Nothing was taken from the home and police did not find a person matching the suspect s description during a search of the area.

Anyone with information about the suspect was asked to contact Vancouver police.

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