PORTLAND -- Neighbors are reporting a recent increase in raccoon attacks in Northeast Portland where two cats were killed in the last two weeks.

Mercy Browne said she and her neighbors are noticing more raccoons in their neighborhood lately.

She saved her cat, 13-year-old Ruthie, during a recent attack in her backyard about two weeks ago. Browne heard animals screeching in her yard just after midnight, and when she came outside, she found five raccoons attacking Ruthie.

She threw shoes at the raccoons long enough for her cat to escape. Then the raccoons started coming toward her.

It was insane. It was so terrifying and the fact that they would retreat and come back then retreat then come back three times. It was just unbelievable, she said. They were definitely not as scared of me as I was of them.

Ruthie suffered several cuts but is going to be OK. The Dove-Lewis animal hospital reports four raccoon attacks on cats in recent weeks.

Veterinarians said the warmer weather could be a reason more raccoons are out. They remind pet owners to keep animals indoors and make sure not to leave food outside.


KGW reporter Ashley Korslien contributed to this report.

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