OLYMPIA, Wash. - Olympia police say a woman tried to grab a 5-year-old girl while the girl played in her front yard Sunday.

That's when 'Little Bit' went ballistic, said Christine Holgerson, the girl's grandmother.

'Little Bit' is the family's Chihuahua.

Holgerson said she and her husband, Thomas Hayes, ran into the front yard when they heard the dog's barks.

She said they saw a woman trying to lift their granddaughter over the family's front yard fence.
Hayes said he pushed the woman away from his granddaughter and kept her in his sights until police arrived.

The couple told KING 5 the woman claimed she was the girl's mother. The family said they had never seenher before.

She started telling us those are my kids, said Hayes. I'm like, those are my grandkids, I have custody of those kids.

According to police, the woman claimed she was only trying to say hello to the girl.

Prosecutors decided not to charge the woman with a crime Monday, but said that could change after all of the evidence is reviewed.

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