WILLAMINA, Ore A cat named Agatha Christie that was a long-time fixture at the Willamina Library has died, leaving behind many fans.

The feline wandered into the small town library back in 1995 when she was just a tiny kitten. Her original owners were never found so she was welcomed by the community of book fans and earned the title library cat, along with her distinguished name, according to a devotional posted on the library's Facebook page Monday.

Aggie, as she was nicknamed, made the library her home for 14 years before the city council made the tough decision to evict her in 2010. Their decision followed an incident in which Aggie bit a 2-year old. The council voted to exclude all non-service animals from the library and sent Aggie into retirement.

Background: Willamina city council votes to evict library cat

A couple living on a wooded rural Willamina property adopted Aggie and said she loved her new home. The Facebook post explained that Aggie died peacefully in her sleep there on Sunday night. She was buried in a family pet cemetery that overlooks the valley and the mountains.

It's estimated that Aggie was around 17 years old.

The Willamina Library's Facebook page changed its profile picture to honor Aggie on Monday, showcasing a photo of her curled up on a newspaper looking extremely cozy and content.

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