COEUR d ALENE, Idaho -- A local soldier took a bullet for his friend during combat operations in Afghanistan.

Army Reservist Daniel Guerrero of Coeur d Alene is currently at a military hospital in San Antonio, Texas. A bullet tore through his right arm while taking enemy fire in Northern Afghanistan.

He was the only one hurt. Yes, he pushed someone out of the way and got shot and helped the guys while he was hurt, said Colby McMinimy, a friend of Sgt. Guerrero and a fellow reservist.

Doctors had to replace the artery from his arm with veins from his leg. He is expected to make a full recovery. But it could take up to six months in San Antonio.

He s brave I tell you, said McMinimy. I don t know too many people that would do what he did.

Sgt. Guerrero received the Purple Heart for his actions.

It makes me proud of him, McMinimy said. Just makes me want to give him a big hug. It sounds kind of girly, but I just can t wait to see him.

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