PORTLAND -- Oregon State Police trooper Jose Antonio Cortez, who formerly played football for Oregon State University and The National Football League, has to resign due to a misconduct charge.

Cortez was forced to give up his credentials and sentenced to seven days in jail after he pleaded guilty to official misconduct on the job as an OSP trooper.

All members of the Oregon State Police are given a high level of trust and are held to a very high standard for personal and professional conduct, said OSP superintendent Richard Evans. We won't accept any criminal conduct, and when supported by facts and evidence will pursue prosecution for such acts.

Evans said Cortez had been investigated for allegations of improper conduct by the OSP office of professional standards and the Clackamas County District Attorney's Office. Evans did not elaborate on any incidents that brought about the allegations.

Cortez was a place kicker for OSU from 1999-2005. He went on to the NFL for four years, during which time he played for eight different teams. He joined OSP in June, 2007.

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