It's official - Seattle is looking and feeling a lot like summer. Seattle broke the record high for May 6 when it crossed into the 80s Monday afternoon. The previous high was 79, set in 1957.

This came after a weekend of clear skies and warm temperatures that dried out conditions around the state and helped fuel 11 different fires.

The first weekend in May is not usually busy for firefighters, but dry east winds combined with high temperatures to make conditions ideal for fires to spread.

The 11 fires had burned approximately 264 acres by noon Monday. Fire crews had contained nine of those fires.

With continued dry and warm weather expected this week, the risk of fires starting will remain high.

Under the dry and windy conditions prevailing across much of the state, we advise all Washingtonians to exercise caution with any activities that could start wildfires, such as starting campfires or burning debris, Goldmark said.

Anyone who plans to enjoy some time outdoors should be extremely careful with any campfires, barbeques, or other fires.

Grasses, twigs and shrubs are dry enough to burn and spread wildfires. Extinguish all campfires, use only appropriately equipped recreational vehicles that are in good working order, and never burn debris when it's windy.

May 5 11 is Wildfire Awareness Week. DNR is asking homeowners, business owners and civic leaders to learn their roles in preparing communities for a wildfire.

DNR also advises homeowners to update their landscape design to put in firebreaks things that don t burn. These can include concrete, brick or gravel walkways, concrete flower box borders or planters, and water features, such as a pond. Here are some other tips.

Firefighters were still working to contain the Dog Mountain wildfire and C-Line wildfire, the largest and most challenging fires that started this weekend.

As the state's wildfire suppression agency, DNR has been preparing for months for the beginning of wildfire season, so we were able to quickly, safely, and effectively respond to the unexpectedly high number of wildfires this weekend, said Commissioner of Public Lands Peter Goldmark, who administers the Department of Natural Resources.

The Dog Mountain fire was reported on Saturday and has burned approximately 100 acres. 80 people have been assigned to the fire, which is 50 percent contained.

The C-Line Wildfire near Littlerock, Wash. was reported in the early morning May 5, 2013. The fire has burned 60 acres on state trust lands and crews hope to reach 50 percent containment by this evening.

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