IDAHO FALLS -- An Idaho Falls realtor has come up with a way to make bedtime reading and smart phone technology come together. Juan Murdoch has created what he calls Smart PJs.

It's a new spin on pajamas. Pajamas have been around for thousands of years and this is something new, Murdoch said.

However, Murdoch isn't a full-time inventor, he's a local realtor. So when the idea of a pajama that entices kids to hear a bedtime story or a lullaby popped in his head, he says he just ran with it.

I don't know if it was the dad in me, Murdoch said. I've got six kids. My wife and I have 6 kids and so I know how important a bedtime story is.

That means the colorful dots on the pajamas aren't just for design. They're actually qr codes that phones can scan through the free Smart PJ's app.

Altogether, each pair of pajamas has close to 50 different codes that will work on all Apple and Android products.

So, then what you do, is you just go down and take a picture of one of the dot groups, Murdoch said. Make sure you only get one. Hit save.

Afterward, Your smart phone or tablet reads the book, sings the lullaby, or gives you interesting facts about different animals, depending on the code.

It makes me proud, Murdoch said. I'm a local. I've been raised and have lived here all of my life. And-so it's kind cool to be able to bring that technology and something unique to Idaho.

Murdoch said he has been marketing these Smart PJ's for about three months, and sells about a hundred pairs each month.

He said they're 100% cotton and the codes won't fade when you wash them.

Check them out online here.

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