The Washington state Legislature is considering a bill that would create Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders FC license plates, similar to the Seattle Mariners plates that currently exist.

SB 5152
also allows pro sports franchises in the state to sponsor a special license plate if the funds are used in conjunction with a nonprofit organization.

Some proceeds from the Sounders plates will go to the Association of Washington Generals to develop educational, veterans, international relations, and civic Projects. Some of the money will also support a nonprofit to increase the number of young mentors in Washington.

Funds from the Seahawks plates would benefit the nonprofit InvestED to encourage secondary students who have economic needs to stay in school or return to school.

The plates would initially cost $40, with a renewal fee of $30. If the bill passes, the plates would become available January 1.

Here's how you can apply to create your own special plate

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