PORTLAND Complaints from transgender students at Grant High School prompted administrators to create new restrooms.

Some students weren t comfortable going into the men s or women s restrooms, so Grant became the first high school in Portland, and one of the first in the nation, to have unisex bathrooms for transgender students.

The four restrooms for students and two for staff are all single stalls. They are available for everyone to use, no matter their gender or sexual orientation.

Administrators converted the bathrooms after concerns were raised by students. Grant has at least ten students who openly identify as transgender.

Among them is Scott Morrison. He said going into a men s or women s restroom at school became so uncomfortable he stopped drinking anything during the day.

I definitely got some really weird looks in the women s restroom. It is just not comfortable, he said. I just don t feel safe in the men s restroom...And in the women s restroom, I just get funny looks.

Administrators said the renovation didn t cost much. They just changed some locks and got new signs.

KGW reporter Kyle Iboshi contributed to this report.

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