ALBANY, Ore. -- An Albany woman and her daughter will have to pay back thousands of dollars after an elaborate scheme to rip off soft drink giant Coca Cola.

Police say the duo figured out a way to manipulate a bottle cap promotion and collect more than $200,000.

It s a game many who consume soft drinks are familiar with. Beneath the cap of the soda bottle, there is a code. You go onto a website to find out if you've won.And in most cases, you don't.

But according to police, an Albany woman and her daughter figured out a way to cheat and they won, time after time after time.

On Friday, 55-year old Carrie Jones and 31-year old Sarah Jones pleaded guilty to computer crime.

Coca Cola investigators got suspicious in 2011 after tracking an unusually high number of winnings to a computer IP address in Albany.

Police say the suspects sold their contest prizes on eBay.

Investigators still don't know how the mother-daughter duo got the winning prize codes.

Coca Cola estimates it lost nearly $200,000.

Police admit it's not clear where all the money went.

I speculate that there is more than Carrie and Sarah Jones involved in this situation, said Det. Mike Wood with the Albany Police department. I mean, it boggles the mind that they could single-handedly fool a multi-billion dollar company like Coca Cola.

Neither suspect has a criminal history.

They'll have to pay back almost $50,000 in restitution.

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