SPOKANE, Wash.-- City Council members criticized one of their own on Friday for calling Washington Governor Jay Inslee a lying whore in letter.

His mother should be washing his mouth out with soap, said Council President Ben Stuckart.

The Spokane City Council President offered tough words for colleague Mike Fagan during an interview with KREM 2 News.

Fagen co-signed a letter to members of a grouped called Voters Want More Choices. The letter from the political action committed letter grabbed attention earlier in the week.

Candidate Inslee repeatedly promised to veto any tax increase. He said no way to higher transportation taxes in 2013. Inslee said he'd grow jobs to generate more tax revenue, what a lying whore he turned out to be, stated the letter.

Stuckart called the letter inappropriate, but other leaders said the letter is meant to get the public s attention.

Councilman Fagan declined an interview with KREM 2 News. However, he released a statement where he voiced his support for the letter.

It is really unfortunate that a lot of folks aren't aware, or won't take into consideration that words tend to have multiple meanings, wrote Fagen in his statement, we tend to always assume the worst.

Stuckart said his statement condemning the comments is where this will likely stop.

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