COLVILLE, Wash. --A Stevens County judge granted a new hearing in March for the two Colville boys accused of bringing a knife, a gun, and ammunition to Fort Colville Elementary School to kill their classmates.

The judge scheduled the hearing for March 15th at 9:30 a.m. Prosecutors said they plan to call up testimony from teachers and investigating detectives.

On Wednesday, the defense asked the judge to allow another doctor to interview the fifth grade boys. An initial mental health evaluation was done on the two boys but the defense wanted a second opinion. Lawyers requested that a doctor from Coeur d Alene interview the fifth graders.

However, the lawyer told the judge that Dr. Alan S. Unis was not available until the first week in March.

The report on the second opinion would not be ready for court until mid-March. A second opinion from a doctor costs $500 an hour according to the defense.

Court documents showed that the boys confessed to plotting to hurt their classmates. The plan was foiled when another student saw a knife fall from one of the suspect s backpacks while getting off the school bus. The boy told teachers who quickly took action.

Prosecutors must prove both boys knew what they were doing was wrong; that includes the nature of the crime, the child s age and maturity, whether the suspects showed a desire for secrecy, whether they told a victim not to tell, any similar prior conduct, if that conduct brought any consequences, and whether the boys acknowledged their behavior was wrong.

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