SPOKANE, Wash. -- Knitting Factory leaders cancelled an upcoming concert within hours of being shutdown by the Spokane Police Department. Managers released a statement on Monday night.

The statement confirmed that a concert planned for Friday, February 22nd is cancelled.

Spokane Police Chief Frank Straub ordered the Knitting Factory to close on Monday morning following a shooting which left two people injured. Straub told KREM 2 News that he is closing the concert venue because of public safety concerns. Police have responded to four shootings near the venue in the past year.

The decision is effective immediately but can be appealed.

Knitting Factory COO Greg Marchant said that he deplores the shootings and plans to help police with their investigation.

We have strong security measures in place to ensure the safety of both our patrons and performing artists while attending and performing shows at the Knitting Factory, added Marchant.

He also wrote that it is difficult to control what might happen outside the venue. The shooting happened in a parking lot which is not owned by the Knitting Factory according to police. Yet, Marchant said that his employees are working with the Spokane Police Department to improve safety.

The actions of a very, very few people and incidents like this tarnish by extension the reputations of venues like ours, said Marchant.

Knitting Factory leaders confirmed that they already spoke to people in Chief Straub and Mayor David Condon s offices.

We made a lot of progress today, and while we believe that these talks will lead to a solution that will prevent the cancelations of any events, we do intend to cancel this coming Friday s event as a cooling off gesture.

Knitting Factory managers have 20 days to appeal Straub s decision to close their venue. Straub said that managers need to call police for help if they are allowed to reopen.
The idea here is to get them to work with us to control the behavior of the people who are using their property, said Straub.

Fans of the Knitting Factory created a Facebook page to show their support. The page is titled Keep the Knitting Factory Open.

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