PORTLAND -- School officials in downtown Portland have warned parents and students about a high-risk sex offender in the area who may have been seen near St. Mary's School.

A letter was sent to families of Lincoln High School, reading, The Police have warned schools about a serious sex offender who has moved into NW Portland. School officials at St. Mary's and MLC have sent the following alert. Please share the photo (pictured, above) in the link below with your students, talk to your students about personal safety, and encourage using the buddy system when in NW/SW.

Students reportedly saw the man, Gordon Michael Strauss, near St. Mary's, but school officials did not confirm the report.

Strauss is a level III sex offender, meaning he is considered at high risk for repeat offense and could be a threat to public safety. He was convicted of second-degree rape in Washington in 1987. He is not wanted by police for any outstanding warrants.

The alert was forwarded to parents of students at Beaverton's Jesuit High School by Principal Paul Hogan, who wanted to warn students who might be anywhere near downtown Portland.

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