BOISE -- Crews will be working overnight, preparing the roads for your morning commute.

Idaho Transportation Department Road Maintenance Foreman David Dansereau says he, and about 20 drivers have a long morning ahead of them. He says trucks will pre-treat the roads with a type of salt to keep the ice and snow from sticking easily.

Each truck is responsible for 30 miles of lanes. Collectively, ACHD will deal with about 500 miles of lanes in the Treasure Valley, so they will be stretched thin.

Yet, they will need to work quickly. Dansereau says he sees about an inch of snow accumulation per hour in most storms, equating it to shoveling your driveway in a snowstorm.

He says they will have to stay ahead of the snow by getting to work in about an hour.

It's always good to have the pre-treatments down before the snow hits. We have so many miles to cover with so few people, that if we get behind on a storm, it's very hard to catch up. If we can get the treatments down ahead of time, it keeps the roads in better condition.

Dansereau says they have to wait until the rain comes through, since it will wash away what they are putting down.

ITD covers all the state highways. Something like Eagle Road sees 35,000 cars a day. The Interstate sees about 95,000. Things can messy quickly if the roads are not ready.

Also, remember on your commute, never pass a plowing truck on the side that it is throwing snow, as It may also pick up and throw road debris.

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