PORTLAND -- Four adults, using two boys to help them, were accused of trying to steal bags from a carousel at the Portland International Airport but on Monday, the charges were dropped against two of the adults.

A victim spotted what looked like a family stealing bags Saturday morning, according to a Port of Portland police report.

The victim watched the thieves and directed police to the airport MAX station. The suspects had already boarded, and were cuffed and removed from the train.

The name of the victim was not released.

Further investigation determined that the suspects have been excluded from the airport for 90 days.

Joshua Phillip Ryan and Amanda Lee Grogan, both 23, will appear in court Tuesday on two counts each of first-degree theft and conspiracy to commit theft. Charges were dropped Monday against Brian Craig Mottaz and Nancy Marie Mottaz.

Two juveniles were also taken into custody. Their names were not available.

Port spokesman Steve Johnson told KGWthat there have been 100 reports of stolen bags since last September.

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