SPOKANE, Wash. -- The Spokane Co. Sheriff s Office wants to warn the public about a bizarre scam.

A woman has been hop-scotching across the Inland Northwest posing as a volunteer from the Salvation Army. Deputies say she goes door-to-door seeking donations.

She was first seen in Post Falls, then in Kennewick. On Thursday, she was reported in Colville.

Investigators say she knocks on doors to ask for sheet or scrap metal.

The Salvation Army says aside from her odd requests, the woman didn t have the right clothing or a name tag like a real volunteer.

A Salvation Army person is going to have logo wear on, be identified and will get donations here at the Salvation Army, Sheila Geraghty of the organization said.

For now, the Salvation Army is not sure if anyone else has fallen victim to the scam.

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