WASHINGTON-- Former Spokane Police Officer Karl Thompson was on the move Thursday as federal authorities transferred him to another federal prison outside Washington State.

This is now morethan one month after Thompson was sentenced to serve a little more than four years in prison. He was found guilty of using excessive force and lying to investigators following the death of Otto Zehm.

Immediately following his sentencing, Thompson was moved to a detention center in the Seattle area. In an online locator, the Bureau of Prisons indicated Thompson was in Phoenix. However, KREM 2 contacted the prison twice Thursday and workers there have no records of Thompson at the location.

An attorney for Thompson said he is not comfortable releasing the location of Thompson. He said the former police officer is in prison with other inmates who often dislike police and his anonymity is important to his safety.

Thompson s legal team is working on transcripts to turn into the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals early next year. Attorneys plan to discuss the judge s decision to admit evidence that was excluded during the pre-trail process. They also plan to look at the word of the jury s instructions of intent. Other arguing points include the calculation of the sentencing guidelines and the decision to keep Thompson in jail pending the appeal.

Briefing paperwork is not due until February and oral arguments before the court won t begin until several months after that.

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