BOISE -- A historic moment for many Tuesday night, the Boise City Council unanimously approved the non-discrimination ordinance.

Boise now becomes the second city in the state of Idaho to make it illegal to discriminate against someone in housing, employment, and public accommodation just because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

In a packed Idaho Statehouse auditorium, supporters got to their feet, clapping and cheering as members of the council each voted yes to approve the ordinance.

It all took place inside the same building, where earlier this year lawmakers turned down a similar statewide measure, called Add the Words.

To have that happen, have this happen here tonight in the same room that we didn t see a positive result this past session, is really powerful, said support and Legislative Director for Planned Parenthood Hannah Brass Greer.

Supporters packed in, just as they did at the November 13th public hearing. That evening, council heard testimony that lasted well into the late evening hours, from both sides.

Council President Maryann Jordan said the feeling was the same Tuesday night.

You can feel people having that feeling of safety and feeling of being valued that might have been missing for them before she said.

Mayor Dave Bieter said there are other cities around Idaho that are already contacting his office about how the non-discrimination ordinance was drafted.

He said most recently, he has talked with the Mayor of Pocatello.

Makes us really think that we have the right policy and that it will help make us a better city, said Mayor Bieter.

Sandpoint was the first to pass this kind of city law.

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