BOISE -- Many shoppers were up bright and early Friday morning to hit the big stores and the big sales. But the shopping didn't end there, Small Business Saturday is coming up.

We were there as hand made items were bought in Indie Made on Friday morning.

These were gifts crafted by locals and sold to locals, all in a small business setting.

This is a lobor of love, says Indie Made Member Jamie Olson. We're not making millions of dollars, we are trying to make a living doing something our hands and something we love doing in order to allow people to buy special items.

Olson is one of 47 local merchants who sells her products at the downtown shop, and hopes to see similar crowds Saturday, that other stores saw Friday. Our hope is that people after Black Friday come and show the same support for their local businesses.

It's a hope for Powell's Candy as well. Employee Hannah Barta tells us, I think it's very important because it just builds such a sense of community to have people coming in and seeing their enighbors here.

We found several shoppers like Michelle Delacy who want to avoid today's craziness in exachange for tomorrow's craftiness. My family owns a small business in Boise, so it's something that's always on our minds, supporting community members and keeping resources here.

At Revolve Upscale, Resale, and Bridal, new business owner Monique Fedrizzi says you're not just helping the local shops when buy from small businesses. I think for us, the small just struggling to survive or just opened businesses it's really nice to get some of that traffic too and have people support us.

But she says you are promoting a local cause as well. Redrizzi says, I think you can get some really unique gifts for your family and friends and share with them the importance of shopping local.

This will be the third year for Small Business Saturday.

Most of the stores we talked to said they will be open all day, and many have special events planned.

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