COVINGTON -- A Covington family hopes the public can help find the driver whonearly killed their dog last Sunday. Thecrash happened at the corner of SE 265th St. and Timberlane Way SE. Witnesses say a gray sedan veered into a bike lane, hit a 10-month-old German Shepherd and came within inches of its owner, Jeremy Adams.

I was yelling, stop you coward, Adams recalled, He was hit with so much force that parts of his bone ejected out of his body.

The dog, named Nash, had sprinted out of its home unsupervised. Adams caught up with Nash at the intersection and said he had just attached a leash when the car came out of nowhere.

It seemed like the hood was right in front of my face, said Adams.

Nash s left-hind leg was shattered, but he survived. The driver drove off, and Adams is sure he saw a woman behind the wheel with a phone in her hands.

Why couldn t you have just waited to look at your phone, Adams asked rhetorically, Why did you take the time to look down?

Adams notified Covington Police. The family hopes the incident is a lesson that despite Washington s efforts to curb distracted driving, it is still a major problem.

That could ve been our kids on the side of the road, said Jeremy s wife Gina, I just hope (the driver) takes this as a warning. Next time, you could kill a person.

Last year, 821 texting-while-driving tickets were handed out in Washington State.

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