VANCOUVER -- Scrubbing and scraping off graffiti is not what Jerry Parker had in mind when he arrived at work this morning. He's the director at a thrift store that raises money for the Humane Society.

They've damaged the building. They've torn our signs down, he said.

Nearly every shop, business and restaurant in the 4800 block of Northeast St. Johns Boulevard got hit, including 2 thrift stores and a funeral home. Even handicapped parking signs were painted black.

While there were plenty of four-letter words greeting businesses and their customers, the vandals had trouble spelling any word with more than one syllable.

I called up friends and family and said 'can you help us clean store fronts because most businesses are closed today,' said Simon Herrera who owns a store here. We all came out to clean the place up because we want all the bad guys to know we are simply not going to take this crap.

Vandalism has been an ongoing problem in this neighborhood. Parker's thrift store has one mission: raise money for the humane society.

Every penny we make goes to the humane society, said Parker. Every time people do something like this, they take the food out of the mouths of those cats and dogs. It's just awful is what it is, terrible!

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