SPOKANE-- The daughter of Sharlotte McGill spoke out Tuesday for the first time since an arrested was made in her mother s murder.

Billie McKinney spoke to KREM 2 about her mother and the suspect killer, Avondre Graham.

Billie was not ready to go on camera Tuesday, but had a lot to say.

Billie said she has been through hell and is fighting the battle of a lifetime. Through a series of text messages with KREM 2 News, Billie looked back on her life with Sharlotte.

She said I miss everything about her. She was my pride and joy because so many people looked up to her and loved her.

Billie calls her mom her hero, and said Sharlotte raised her to be a strong woman.

Graham is charged with murdering Sharlotte and attacking two other women along the centennial trail.

Billie spoke of graham saying I m glad those women survived. I'm glad my mother was strong enough after what that monster did to her, to give a description.

Billie called the arrest a big relief.

She said I found out after the September 13th attack on Debbie that he had been a neighbor. It made me sick. I can't believe he lived right there. My mind is boggled.

Billie said she is thankful her mother's suspected killer is in custody, but it won't change what happened. She is missed by many and they want justice too. It was too early for my mother, she still had so much to give and experience. A lot of people feel robbed of her presence in their lives. I know I do.

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