A Canadian woman drowned in her wedding gown over the weekend posing for Trash the Dress photographs.

Maria Pantazopoulos, 30, hired a photographer to take pictures of her wearing her wedding dress in the Ouareau River near Rawdon, Quebec.

When she waded into the water, the dress became heavy, pulling her under and downstream.

The BBCNews reports photographer Louis Pagakis jumped into the water to save Pantazopoulos, but she was swept away.

Her body was found a few hours later by a local scuba diver who joined search efforts.

Pantazopoulos, a real estate agent, was married in June.

Trash the Dress is an increasingly popular trend in which brides destroy their wedding dresses after they are married and document the process. Some brides have been known to crawl through mud, splatter themselves with paint, or frequently, jump into water.

The Calgary Herald reports Trash the Dress is still somewhat new in Canada.

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